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Sunday, 11 March 2012


You know what..??

When I was standing at the end of the world,
I couldn’t see the path,
and I needed someone..
When I was trapped in the darkness,
I couldn’t see the light..
I was waiting for the helping hand..
You wouldn’t know that you are the only one in the world..
the only one better than world..

I believe dream for YOU and ME,
You are the long waited drain in my draughty day,
You soaked my heart and gave me courage…..
You make me fly and smile again,
Coming into my arms and giving,
Happy just like a rainbow after a shower…..
I wanna make a love…

When you found out that I ran away,
Perhaps you were disappointed…
I had courage to come back because you were there,
You’re the one always in my heart…

Oh lonely night,
it’s an endless and stuffy dark night,
those are the days when I cried alone during the dark in lieu of the people who would only hurt my callow heart..
and my heart was having a draught but that’s okay you make a way the person who will be always guiding me is you the only reason of living only you..
because you are in my smile, my SWEETEST CHOCOLATE...